Bring Your Class to Bruce Peel Special Collections

A very popular program!

In recent years, class visits to the Peel library have helped to support the activities of eighteen faculties, departments, and programs at the University of Alberta in addition to those of several community-service organizations and other local post-secondary institutions. Librarians provide instruction in a wide range of subject areas and serve the needs of students of all ages and abilities. A significant proportion of students are – perhaps more than ever in this digital age – deeply moved and profoundly inspired by a close encounter with a historic document, a beautifully handcrafted book, or an important early edition. Librarians custom design classes and tours and offer commentary on rare materials that they have selected to meet the specific needs of each class or group. Because the program is very popular, we simply cannot accommodate all of the requests that we receive and our teaching schedule is almost fully booked well before the beginning of each term.

Professors can book a visit here

Rules for Class Visits

  • No open food or drink should come to the Peel library; to clarify, a wrapped sandwich in a backpack is fine, but a cup of coffee is not!
  • All bags, laptop sleeves, backpacks, totes, etc. must be deposited at the reception desk before entering the classroom. Outerwear (i.e., coats and jackets) should be left on coatracks in the reception area.
  • Students should be on time. Since the library is not open to the public in the mornings, the front doors will be locked before class begins. Further, students who are late may miss important information about proper handling procedures for rare materials.
  • Rare materials should be handled only with freshly-washed hands.
  • Rare materials may be photographed on the condition that no flash is used.
  • Students may take notes only when there is sufficient space available on the table for notebooks.
  • When working with rare materials, students should take notes with pencil (not pen) or a fully-charged laptop.