Eccles Collection of D.H. Lawrence’s Works

This collection was built on a foundational collection of approximately 150 books—largely first editions—assembled by British parliamentarian Lord David McAdam Eccles (1904–1999), and purchased by the university in 1961. In On Collecting (1968), Eccles explains why he decided to sell only the D.H. Lawrence portion of his extensive library with a bold assertion: “Author collections are strongly self-indulgent; one is only pleasing oneself; whereas in forming a historical collection there is always the hope of gathering knowledge which may be useful to others” (96). Eccles may have underestimated the interest that others would have in this particular author collection. Over decades, librarians and donors have added to his core collection, thereby building an impressive collection of approximately 500 books by and about D.H. Lawrence, including numerous translations. 

Listen to Frieda Lawrence reading her husband’s poems:

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