Bruce Peel Special Collections is reorganizing its teaching program

Beginning in 2019, the Peel library will offer a series of Peel Workshops each term to provide a wide range of hands-on and experiential learning opportunities to those University of Alberta students who are motivated to sign up. We receive far more requests for class visits than we can accommodate, so we came up with the idea of Peel Workshops as an alternative to such class visits. The workshops will explore generalized versions of the topics that we have been teaching, and the schedule/topics will be posted here well before the beginning of each term.

Peel Workshop Schedule

BPSC Workshop Registration & Calendar

Bruce Peel Special Collections is home to important collections of rare and sometimes fragile materials. Like researchers and other visitors, Peel Workshop participants are asked to help preserve these materials for future generations. Here is what you need to know before you come to a workshop:

  • No open food or drink should come to the Peel library; to clarify, a wrapped sandwich in a backpack is fine, but a cup of coffee is not!
  • Please be on time. Students who are late may miss important information about proper handling procedures for various types of rare materials, and therefore may not be admitted.
  • You will be required to leave all bags, backpacks, totes, outerwear, etc. in Peel’s secure reception area.
  • Rare materials should be handled only with freshly-washed hands.
  • Rare materials may be photographed on the condition that no flash is used.
  • Rare materials may be photographed on the condition that no flash is used, but instructors may not be photographed or recorded without prior permission.

Registration for each Peel Workshop is limited to 15 participants, and is open to University of Alberta students (both graduate and undergraduate) in one or more departments, as indicated. Advance registration is required. Each student may sign up for a maximum of two Peel Workshops per term. Students who register and then find that they cannot attend should cancel their registration at least 24 hours in advance.